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Which Friend Dies?

[14:31] Tex Mex: alright here we go
[14:31] Tex Mex: Bellies, if you could save one of us who would it be?
[14:32] Tex Mex: u save Brownman u will end up marrying an ethiopian woman who is clean
[14:32] Tex Mex: u save me u end up marrying salma hayek who would mutilate you the minute u get into bed with her

[14:33] Bellies: since i would be fucked either way

[14:34] Tex Mex: lol

[14:35] Brownman: go on…

[14:35] Tex Mex: lol
[14:39] Tex Mex: he staying quiet

[14:39] Bellies: i am still thinking weighing options… negro woman or death by salma
[14:40] Bellies: oh and save one of you too also right right

[14:40] Brownman: lol

[14:42] Bellies: salma

[14:43] Brownman: who lives? me or Tex Mex?
[14:43] Brownman: i forget

[14:43] Bellies: idk
[14:43] Bellies: i forgot u two where involed

[14:43] Tex Mex: lol

[14:43] Brownman: lol
[14:44] Brownman: he being all political
[14:44] Brownman: diplomatic

[14:44] Bellies: i scrolled up, it is Tex Mex

[14:46] Brownman: hahaha
[14:46] Brownman: bastard

[14:47] Bellies: well he really did not give me no choice

[14:49] Tex Mex: lol


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