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What Language Is That?

[14:16] Tex Mex: Brown Man
[14:17] Tex Mex: what raggae song goes
[14:17] Tex Mex: “pruuuummm”
[14:17] Tex Mex: “let me go shulup prrrrrrrrummmmmmmmm”
[14:17] Tex Mex: something like that

[14:17] Bellies: LOL

[14:18] Brownman: what…
[14:18] Brownman: the…
[14:18] Brownman: hellll are u talking about
[14:18] Brownman: sounds like ur choking on multiple schlongs

[14:18] Bellies: lol

[14:18] Brownman: nice thick churiso for u

[14:18] Tex Mex: dude
[14:18] Tex Mex: think back
[14:19] Tex Mex: old reggae song
[14:19] Tex Mex: it goes prrrrrrrrruuuummmmmmmmm

[14:19] Brownman: um that sounds more african

[14:19] Tex Mex: no nigga
[14:19] Tex Mex: wtf

[14:19] Brownman: pruum?
[14:20] Brownman: this doesn’t translate well over IM
[14:20] Brownman: u wanna call me and sing to me?

[14:20] Tex Mex: yes what is ur work number

[14:20] Brownman: lmao
[14:20] Brownman: u want me to turn on the candles?
[14:20] Brownman: dim the lights

[14:20] Bellies: LOL

[14:21] Tex Mex: ur an asshole

[14:21] Brownman: call me at (XX)

[14:21] Bellies: LOL

[14:22] Brownman: LMAO this is too funny

[14:22] Tex Mex: fucking guy
[14:22] Tex Mex: jajajajaj

[14:22] Brownman: he called me, Bellies
[14:22] Brownman: it was so sweet

[14:22] Tex Mex: jajajaj

[14:23] Bellies: LMAO

[14:27] Brownman: i picked up the phone when he called
[14:27] Brownman: and was whispered “sing to meeee”
[14:28] Brownman: so romantic


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