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Weird Conference

I went to a conference the other day where people in my industry meet to create new relationships and work with each other. It was new for our company “Tired” to be apart of this type of conference, so we were just there to observe whether or not we belong at the meetings in the future.

Answer: no.

Sure, there were sessions where people spoke and tried to give insight into our industry- but I have found almost everything these people said online in a powerpoint or article. Ok, no worries. On to networking with other people who have similar issues our company faces. Hmm. Wait, before we get to that portion of the conference, we need to have a 3 hour lunch. Why 3 hours?

And then they sprung it. An award ceremony. I kid you not; there was an awards ceremony with full blown music for presenters of awards and their recipients. Now, my industry is very nerdy because you can’t explain it without confusing a plumber. The concept of what the conference itself is about can’t be explained in a sentence. And the nerds had a little party for themselves. It was the funniest thing I have ever encountered. By no means were any Oscars given out, rather an award shaped like the bone I imagine holds the vagina in its place.

Twilight zone.


One Response

  1. It used to be a black tie affair the night before at the Plaza Hotel. No kidding.

    I can tell you as a person who works at the conference, having the awards during the day rather than the night before is way better for me.

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