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Combating Cold Weather in the Office

Well, they want to freeze my already non-existent ass at work, so be it. The fat people can complain about the heat and their sweaty cracks and pulsating sweat glands…so I will have to do whatever I can to warm up. I spent 15 minutes in the parking lot today in my hot car- no A/C, no windows cracked, nothing. I just thawed and did no work in this time. So be it Tired, your building is cold and so is this little brown guy. I take frequent trips to the bathroom now just to warm my hands on my penis, and hang out in the stairwells since no A/C makes it there. So now I’m doing 20% less work than the 100% less already. Crazy. I can’t even say this “boils my water” because I’m too frozen to be boiled.


2 Responses

  1. Today was unbearable at my office too! I had on so many layers and I could not stop shivering or focus on my work. I couldn’t even warm up with hot tea because all the water coolers are gone! They need to be replaced with a new water tank and the maintenance people haven’t done it. I am stuck freezing! 😦

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