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Would You Go Oprah or Just Divorce?

[14:28] Brownman: would you rather eat a raw piece of bacon after being rubbed 3 times, up and down oprah’s va-jay-jay; or tell your wife you are gay and never have sex with her again which will lead to divorce?
[14:28] Brownman: note: oprah has not showered after making love with Steadman
[14:28] Brownman: go

[14:38] Bellies: gay u said u no sex with the wife does not mean anyother women

[14:39] Brownman: surely, but it does mean divorce

[14:40] Bellies: nay nay nay hey hey hey goodbye

[14:40] Brownman: LOL
[14:45] Brownman: is it cuz oprah black?

[14:47] Bellies: no that cuz that nasty i mean and it does not help that she black

[14:42] Tex Mex: I will eat away
[14:44] Tex Mex: You?

[14:44] Brownman: same too
[14:44] Brownman: i prefer to not get a divorce


3 Responses

  1. Aww you love your fiancee so much!

  2. Aw 🙂

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