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Would You Go for Glory?

[14:54] Brownman: would u stick ur schlong in a gloryhole without knowing what/who you are boning…or have it circumcised by a drunk 12 year old?

[14:56] Tex Mex: Ill close my eyes and pretend as I do when I jerk offf.

[14:55] Bellies: gloryhole

[14:57] Brownman: lol, what if we take it one step further, and u gotta find out in the end what/who it was?

[14:59] Bellies: lets see drunk 12yr old trying to cut you skin and may be cutting off ur thing or gloryhole and tehn finding out it is a gay crackhead or worse a black chic
[14:59] Bellies: lol
[14:59] Bellies: i pick gloryhole

[15:04] Tex Mex: After I’m done. What good wil it do to me if I founf out or not.

[15:05] Brownman: what if u found out its a guy who’s a black and likely has stds?

[15:05] Tex Mex: Then I would say thank you walk away and shoot myself

[15:06] Brownman: fair enough.


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