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The White Screen of Death

Yup. Got it. My iPhone conked out Sunday morning after the Home button stopped functioning the day before. In order to go to another application like messaging or the actual phone, I’d have to restart the phone. Upon doing this one time the screen just went white. Nothing would fix it. So I went to the Apple Store for some guidance. I pulled up to their “Genius Bar” and had an Apple “Genius” take a look at it.

They took the phone to the back in what must be their emergency room, and every time someone would come out I’d look up with a glimmer of hope that my genius would come out with good news. After maybe 5 minutes one came out and said in a low voice,

“I don’t know if you know…but you may lose all your contacts and items saved on your iPhone.”

“Um yea, that’s what the iPhone does. Did it to me 3 times before today. I’m fine, fix it.”

He went back. Minutes later two guys came out and said “well we got the screen to go dark, but now it doesn’t turn on. The phone is dead. We shouldn’t be telling you this, but what you can do is order a new phone from us for $200, then sell it in 2 weeks when the new iphone 4G comes out.”

“Really. You shouldn’t be telling me this. I’m fine, I’ll see what I can do. Thanks.” Yea, thanks for giving me lame tips, Genius. You guys are so smart, Geniuses. Way to go smarty pants. No, I won’t buy a $200 phone and hope I can sell it in 2 weeks when the newer version comes out. Jackasses.

So now I am using a tiny ass pay-as-you-go phone. The people at Radio Shack felt bad even selling it to me so they have agreed to take it back as long as I get the iPhone 4G from them when it comes out. With pleasure. I feel like a little girl with this 3rd world country phone that doesn’t even go online without delaying 10 minutes. So gross.


4 Responses

  1. Get a second opinion. Have you tried Tekserve?

  2. have a comment on the clogged toilet. WTH, you blocked comments.

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