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2 Out Of 3 Toilets

I come home during the day on Saturday to find 2 out of our 3 toilets clogged. I know it wasn’t me because I rarely use 1 of them, and the 2nd seemed female-induced. Oh how do I know it was female? Well we had 3 human females in the house over the weekend, all of the same bloodline. And if we know women in general, we have learned that this species of oddballs love to overwipe their ass after a dumping session. So you’re not unclogging what they drop because it was probably pebble-sized, but rather you’re unclogging the 20 pounds of toilet paper they use to wipe up after the pebble-sized dumpling.


4 Responses

  1. Maybe overwiping is a little bad, but isn’t the alternative worse?

  2. I think brownman it is time to add a bidet to the Brownman’s Palace. This will help reduce the toilet paper drama. Or provide a limited amount of toilet paper. leave out 5 sheets of TP for the Bunghole? Or when you have “GUESTS” you can Rent-A-Potty? Leave it outside and let them use as much toilet paper as they wish, of course they would need to go to BJ’s to buy their TP.

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