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Saved by no bell

I went home for lunch, just felt like it. I wanted to be out of the office because it’s so cold, so I figure a nice drive with the windows down would help. Bad idea. On the way back, I took a route I take maybe once a month. Clearly I made a right instead of a left, but I figure it was okay when I realized I was lost because Google Maps on the iphone said I wasn’t way off.

But then I realized I ran out of road after following Maps and had to whip out the Tom Tom (no ladies, not that Tom Tom). That right I made instead of a left cost me 30 minutes. I was out for lunch from 1:40 – 3:30. I was nervous because I was gone for more than the allotted hour, I didn’t have access to e-mail to see if anyone was trying to reach me, and the time I was gone is peak for questions and things to go wrong at the office.

I get back and I had only 1 e-mail, which was a mass e-mail reminder to sign up for 401k. Not being needed is kind of sweeter than I thought it’d be.


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