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Women Spend More Time Being Pretty On the Worst Day

From Boing Boing and M-rod (mrod.wordpress.com):

“A new study has found that women spend four times longer to get ready for work on Mondays than on Fridays.

On average, women spend 76 minutes getting ready on Mondays — with almost a third of that spent on their hair — 18 minutes on make-up, 16 minutes trying on different combinations of clothes and the rest
taken up by showering and washing. This is reduced to 40 minutes on Tuesdays and continues to decline as
the week goes on, falling to 19 minutes on Fridays. ‘Make the most of looking at your work colleagues on a Monday morning, because that’s as good as they’re going to get,’ said Debenhams spokesman Ed Watson.”


7 Responses

  1. That’s so not true for me. After a weekend of sleeping it’s almost impossible for me to get up on time on Monday, leaving me no time to get ready. By Friday, I’m used to the schedule 🙂

  2. I like the website

    -Mike Boozer, http://somebodyhadtosayit.com

  3. W ho does these surveys? I never get asked to join in.

    • I say… it isn’t a survey Liz. Rather they measure the amount of electricity used every morning since we know dudes only consume water at most and no hair dryers/flat irons 🙂

  4. NU-UHHH! See, historically, I go out Fridays after work for drinks, debauchery and dude-watching, the 3-D’s. So it’s the only day of the week I really look forward to or am even worthy of being looked at. I hate Mondays, (ugh, just thinking of it rattles me) I can’t really wake up, I never look forward to work, I cannot fully bid my weekends goodbye or my bed for that matter, I am already nauseous thinking of some of my douche-bag colleagues, I can’t think or see straight, the idea of commuting sends me straight for the bathroom, why on earth would I waste time or energy I don’t have on a Monday morning on even trying to make an attempt to look like I care? I don’t! ‘Mondaze’ and my coworkers can suck it!

    • Well then…maybe you’re part man Margarita? I mean, this applies to all women, I say 🙂

      I’d expect that sort of though…who can wake up on a Monday…but then again, the slow pace would probably account for women taking so long because they are so sleepy.

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