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[12:48] Tex Mex: i love Friends

[12:49] Brownman: friends?

[12:52] Tex Mex: the show

[12:52] Brownman: ooo
[12:53] Brownman: glad ur doing ur best to be american

[12:53] Tex Mex: i proved my american side by having memorial day off

[12:54] Brownman: did u go do any memorial day activities?
[12:54] Brownman: see the air show?
[12:54] Brownman: visit the ships?
[12:54] Brownman: enjoy fleet week?
[12:54] Brownman: get a red neck?

[12:54] Tex Mex: i went to buy work clothes at the memorial day savings

[12:54] Brownman: LMAO
[12:54] Brownman: good one

[12:55] Tex Mex: more american than that
[12:55] Tex Mex: then that
[12:55] Tex Mex: u cant be

[12:55] Brownman: u had it right the first time
[12:55] Brownman: “than that”
[12:55] Brownman: damn immigrant

[12:55] Tex Mex: i even hummed god bless american

[12:55] Brownman: God bless “America”
[12:56] Brownman: next thing you know u’ll say “i make-ah the mistake Mr. Brownman”

[12:56] Tex Mex: LMAO


2 Responses

  1. I am a mistake 😉

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