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Bummer of a Day

I spoke way too soon. Wayyy too soon. On this Memorial Day, a day when your mate is likely home you anticipate a lot of people opting to stay home for the long weekend. No such luck. All bosses are in today. The worst micro-managing-boss came in at 9:30AM to burst my bubble after thinking I was in the clear to walk around the building all day. Now this fagfuker will be watching everyone who breathes on company time.

What a horrid day this turned out to be. I guess it makes sense if you have an annoying family at home, but if you had the option to stay home why wouldn’t you? I get to build on vacation days to spend more time with my family, what’s the bosses excuse? I bet no one at home can stand the boss so they sent the boss’ ass straight to work so that they can enjoy their day away from the nit-picking homothumper.


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