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Fry from the Sky

As it is embedded in my smell buds, I pretty much get horny over food when I smell McDonald’s fries. And leave it to some butt-throb to eat fries at 3:00 PM today, when I am at my hungry-horniest. I had leftovers, however- the leftover food was half of what it should have been because I had second helpings for dinner.

So I mentioned to a coworker how the fries smell kinda sexy, and he says “hey Ron- throw over a fry to Brownman!” and out of nowhere a fry
landed on my frigging shirt. What the hell?? I am wearing a gray shirt so I was worried I’d have the kiss of death to shirts: an oil stain induced by McDonald’s. Just as I confirmed I was okay, I hear from Ron:

“Did you eat it Brownman?”

“Um no.”

“Oh, here have another!” and the fagface threw another one! This dude
is a weird kid. He is a super sarcastic and negative prick that I mentioned before when I first started this job. And now he’s throwing fries. Needless to say, WTF. I chuckled it off because he can potentially hack into my CPU and see all the blogs I have been writing
from my desk.

I ask again, is there no normal person left in America??


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