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The Cat With 2 Spots

The following was based on a real conversation that literally had me laughing out loud. It’s moments like this that really make you see why you really love someone.

Fifi (fiancée): Do you think we should take AJ the cat to the vet before the wedding?

Brownman: Yea sure.

Fifi: Ok. Because I’m looking at her butt right now- it just looks weird…

Brownman: What’s wrong with her?

Fifi: Well there’s a red spot…looks like a sore. I don’t know. You want to see as she’s just lying here on top of the couch?

Brownman: Um no. But since you’re there just take a pic and share it with people on Facebook for feedback.

Fifi: Ew no. I just wish you’d look. It looks weird right by her ass. Like a red spot.

Brownman: Wait. Above below her butthole? A second “spot”?

Fifi: Yea, there’s two spots.

Brownman: You sure you’re not looking at her vagina? This cat does have one.

[insert a pause]

Fifi: She does have a vagina doesn’t she?!? Oops! AJ- daddy just reminded me that you have a vagina!

Brownman: That is priceless! Yea babe, she isn’t as asexual as you think. Bitch throws both anus and vag in my face every morning.


2 Responses

  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Also, I didn’t realize you still wrote this blog. I’m sorry I would have been reading!!

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