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White Bowling

I was washing my hands when a guy came into the restroom and headed for the stall I just destroyed. And of course he was a white guy because many a white dude did what he sinned: he just plopped on the bowl without any toilet paper or toilet seat cover. I mean, I get it’s the coveted handicap stall so I understand the glory to droppa ‘Shima there.

But wouldn’t you cross wind with what I just spewed? Surely I don’t poo-potpourri, so he was basking in my wind. Why not just change stalls? I would wait for anyone to leave the restroom and hop to the next stall. But nay, this man went balls out and had I not used a toilet seat cover prior to him our asses would have made out.


One Response

  1. R u sure there was no one in the stall before you got in? Maybe he went to bust one, and left something on the surrounding seat area? Some things you just may never know right?

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