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[12:06] Bellies: so when ur getting a hand job do you warn your chick before you u relieve?

[12:07] Brownman: yea, HJ, BJ, all J’s
[12:08] Brownman: i think it echoes me watching porn my entire life
[12:08] Brownman: i like announcing
[12:08] Brownman: although, it’s probably also to be nice and respectful
[12:08] Brownman: how about u?

[12:09] Bellies: depends

[12:10] Brownman: how come?

[12:10] Bellies: depends how much they pissed me off

[12:10] Brownman: lol

[12:11] Bellies: i am a distance shooter

[12:11] Brownman: all the time? thats a gift man
[12:11] Brownman: cherish it
[12:12] Brownman: i mean, i grew up just trying to hurry up and drop onto the paper i lay on the floor
[12:12] Brownman: i cant try and shoot and mess up the rug
[12:12] Brownman: or miss anything during cleanup i didn’t see, and moments later my mother steps on it


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