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Britney-Style Up North

We are at a New Hampshire hotel right now visiting in-laws and doing wedding stuff. The hotel has complimentary breakfast which we hit up since we’re too lazy to go anywhere else (we got in around 3AM!). The breakfast was by the lobby entrance and there were already a lot of people chowing down. Of course my sister and I were one of the darkest there.

As we ate a bunch of white teeny boppers came down Britney-Style. They all had no shoes or even socks on. Commando in the feet. Walking the dirty kitchen tiles, heavily trafficked rugs, and likely batter-ladden because there were nothing but rookies using the waffle making machine.

Fifi (fiancée) says it’s just a teen thing, and lack of parenting. I agree 100%. And I’d also like to add an extra 10% with this: I have yet to see minorities walk around bare feet in a hotel. But after the other day seeing a black dude do the same thing in the men’s room at work: maybe it’s just a white/ black trash thing.


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