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What I Dealt With

There was a guy I worked with, we’ll call him Ass Clown. Now Ass Clown had a social awkwardness about him, almost as though he never worked with humans before in his career. He’d volunteer information like how he used to make 6 figures at previous jobs but because of the economy he had to settle there at my last job.

Mind you, I had the same title as he did and I was more than comfortable with the pay.

So one day Ass Clown took up J on an offer to grab coffee, and they head down to the local Starbucks. Ass Clown owed J a coffee, so he goes to pay. Gives the credit card…


Gives another credit card…


J felt sorry for Ass Clown, a notorious ass clown, and just offered to pay. But they took the third credit card and of course, Ass Clown said “don’t worry, making less these days stuff happens…”

I’d love to know what “stuff” happened. Ass Clown is divorced with 2 kids. Maybe he shouldn’t have always been an Ass Clown.


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