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New Nickname for Head

[13:41] Head: from now on no more Brownman, you will be coconut

[13:42] Brownman: cuz i have furry brown balls?

[13:42] Head: cuz ur hairy and brown like a coconut on the outside but pure white on the inside

[13:43] Brownman: hmm i see. i guess it works for an indian

[13:43] Victor: does it work for you?

[13:44] Brownman: u’ll need to explain the concept a few more times to people: but it’ll work. cuz oreo is not exact, the black thing only works if i’m black

[13:45] Head: right. u fit the 3 profiles of a coconut: hairy, brown and white. perfect

[13:47] Brownman: i still cant find a better one than taco for you. suggestions? cuz ur spic on outside, and just full of crap inside

[13:47] Head: well what brings forth the full of crap connection?

[13:47] Brownman: just all the crap spanish ppl eat. i only say this cuz i was doing the garbage in Queens, NY for one of my father’s buildings that he owns…and holy crap some of the stuff they eat bro

[13:48] Head: well u see the problem with that point is that every spanish country eats things differently: your universal foods are rice, potatoes, meats, chicken, everything else is and could be up for grabs, i.e. pasta

[13:49] Brownman: i see them eating almost anything with rice i.e. eggs. know anyone that does that? lol

[13:49] Head: thats me. fucker. asshole

[13:50] Brownman: that’s the thing man- almost anything is eaten with rice

[13:50] Head: right but rice is not considered garbage

[13:50] Brownman: lol no but i saw spam

[13:50] Head: none of that EWWWW. that is the worst

[13:51] Brownman: oh! and i know all spanish ppl are different. but thats why we have stereotypes. but i saw a spanish dude. i SWEAR eating bananas, ketchup, and rice

[13:51] Head: probably domincan

[13:52] Brownman: yea i dont doubt that

[13:52] Head: but me thinks a better nickname is needed for me, instead of the usual. head, mexican.

[13:52] Brownman: like i said man, everything gets stuffed into a taco and a burrito. i dunno anything else that fits this
[14:00] Brownman: i shall call u tex-mex

[14:01] Head: oh god Coconut. im not mexican

[14:01] Brownman: everything is bigger in texas, like ur mexican head

[14:01] Head: lol. craking up here


2 Responses

  1. Rice, Spam and eggs? That’s the Hawaiians, dude.

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