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The Corporate World

I guess when you work for an older company, you’ll get weird procedure e-mails. Here’s the latest oddity:

“We have noticed that some of members of our own department do not have standard company signatures.  We, as members of this elite group should all have the standard signatue as we need to set an example to the rest of the organization.  I’ve attached the policy document to follow.”

Some notes I should call out here:

-The attached document was 11 pages long on how to standardize your e-mail signature, including Outlook screen shots that ended up being more confusing than just outlining in a few steps

-I italicized the “signatue” misspelling. Just thought it funny for such an official e-mail that an error which
clearly would be called out by a quick spell check made its way into the e-mail

-This e-mail was sent out by the my boss, the douchebag that is a stickler for the way you act as a human rather than the work you do. She rather you be at your desk 24/7 than take a break to recharge


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