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Weird Submission

We get weird customer service e-mails and comments. It’s typical of any company that sells product. Here’s a weird one that I ended up showing another colleague:

“My mom let me stay up late watching television. Somehow I always managed to catch the rated R flicks right in the middle of the make-out scenes. My mom would try to send me off to bed, but I would refuse unless I could have a kiss goodnight. She’d give me a motherly peck, but I would complain that I wanted a kiss like the ones I saw on television (I had no idea how awkward it must have been when I made such a suggestion). Anyway, my mom would give in, and I would give my childhood impression of a screen kiss — a tight-lipped kiss that lasted over a minute long and was accompanied by humming. When I was satisfied that I got what I thought was a movie-style kiss, I went right off to bed. It’s a fortunate thing that my Oedipus complex tapered off very quickly as I grew older!”

[10:47] Colleague: W T F
[10:47] Colleague: hahaah
[10:48] Colleague: SICK
[10:48] Brownman: i love our customers!
[10:48] Brownman: hahaha
[10:48] Brownman: they’ll certainly win prizes with that story
[10:49] Colleague: and you’ll certainly get sued
[10:50] Brownman: well yea, if Oedipus’ estate won’t let us use his name 😉
[10:50] Colleague: haha


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