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Gray Hair :-(

Like many guys I once in a while dropped my sweats in front of my woman. I don’t know what it is but I have this delusional thought that if my pants fall off my waist in front of Fifi (fiancée) me or my meat will get some play. But it usually doesn’t yield the results I want- either no response, ah “put that away!”, or a half-hearted attempt that never finishes and come to fruition.

The other day I got the second response no man wants: “you got a gray hair!”

I looked down to confirm this horrid truth. A very prominent hair that’s easy to spot against dark skin. Ugh. I didn’t mind the strays on top the other head, but it’s weird to see this happen down there. Porn, my second father, never prepared me for this. Nor did my biological father.


3 Responses

  1. You pull your pants down every 5 seconds! I’m supposed to respond EVERY time?!

    By the way, the gray hair makes you look distinguished…down there.

  2. I wonder if emmit smith, keith hernandez and walt frazier will make a commercial for this gray hair. Not even regular television prepared you for this one eh? Also damn, your girl got keen eye to single out the one white strand of hair. Probably should have gotten an erection faster, that way she would have not noticed the gray hair? Well brother welcome to the pre-30’s…..

    • I can’t get an erection any faster- but Just for Men will be sparked.

      And I drop my pants as often as I do to increase the chance for play- it’s sheer mathematics!

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