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A Barrel of Laughs

The in-laws are spending the weekend by us to assist with wedding duties. I never know what we’ll do with them when they are over- and what happens when I’m left alone with one or more of them. But it looks like we can just drop them in front of the television if stand up comedy is on.

I’m not certain if it was the booze that triggered it- but I can’t imagine the joke being the sole catalyst for Mother-in-law nearly choking on her own laughter for more than 5 minutes. We had to pause the television so that we didn’t miss the rest of the comic’s stand up.

The joke was along the lines of the guy’s grandfather taking pride in the Scottish heritage- they built the United States by giving it booze, Rowdy Rody Piper (wrestler)…and clear tape (“Scotch” tape). It was the tape comment that sent Mother-in-law to a tomato-like state that had her skin matching our red pillows. Guess when you get older you don’t just get the giggles anymore, you get a severe case of whooping laugh.

Now if Fifi (fiancée) can only learn from this she’ll have my mother drowning in tears of laughter when she plops the old lady in front of a comic act that declares Indians the proveyors of making sex good and non-white (Kama sutra). You’re welcome America.


2 Responses

  1. Old ladies that laught that hard pee a little too. There’s another boldily fluid for your couch’s collection.

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