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Can’t Keep Me Off The Pole

I have caught stripper-pole fever. No, it isn’t “cuntagious” or something you get from an actual stripper. On the Howard Stern Show yesterday Stern had Jesse Jane on. She’s a porn star and former
stripper that now has her own endorsed spinning stripper pole. And it sounds like a party. And Brownman likes to party. I have temporarily designated our game room as the stripper pole/party room until we complete my man-cave in the basement, where the removable pole will be at the center of the dance floor/living room area.

Fifi (fiancee) isn’t sure about this, only because she feels it’ll collect dust. Not if you keep sliding down the pole. Giggity. I can imagine the kids down the road:

Little Brownman: Daddy, why is there a stripper pole in our basement?

Brownman: It isn’t a stripper pole boy, mommy and daddy were volunteer firemen back in the day and this was our base.

Little Brownman: Then why isn’t home set up like a firehouse?

Brownman: Budget cuts. Governor Patterson and Mayor Bloomberg didn’t
care for us local firefighters.

Little Brownman: Dad, I’m 18 now, when are you gonna fess up that it’s
a stripper pole?

Browman: Go to your room or else no milk and cookies tonight. And tell your little sister to stay off the pole.


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  1. LMAO, all i gotta say is LMAO

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