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Busy Year

This is the year almost all my friends turn 30. Apparently it’s monumental to hit such a round number. And in New York in also means you gotta shell out cash. No one expects gifts but I feel guilty showing up empty handed and local wine is pretty cheap anyway. But then you gotta meet up at a bar, lounge, or club and shell out cash to drink and eat.

I’d like to take it old school, like when we were 15. Go to someone’s house and drink our sorrows away. Cheaper and less crowded.


4 Responses

  1. So can we expect your 30th bday celebration to be at your home? Awesome loving this already.

  2. I’m 21 and I still go to someone’s house and drink my sorrows away. Actually, it’s usually a random parking lot since our parents don’t think it’s cute anymore.

    • Surely mom and dad must understand 21 year olds shouldn’t be in parking lots, in a car, drinking, and then likely driving. I mean, think of the waste of gas in this scenario.

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