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Smoking Workers and the Scolding

I believe that an occasional break outside, like smokers, is allowed to us non-smokers. Once a day, maybe 5-10 minutes, you give us folk that don’t smoke a good break that smokers, in my mind, tend to abuse.

These smokers end up flicking their cigarette butts onto the floor/grass and makes you wonder if they’re as inconsiderate/messy in life as well. The outdoor area of the building looks like a pig sty and meanwhile when I go for my 5-10 minute chill-out session I just stand there and share a chuckle or 2 with a coworker. No mess, no fuss.

So today early in the morning a couple of us decide to take our “non-smokers” break outside, and the boss comes out after 5 minutes and says “did I miss the meeting?” She wasn’t laughing nor angered- I guess you’d call her look very stern. And I took it as a warning to
never hang outside again. Which in reality- could have been handled with less awkwardness. We all went back inside and as she led us she said “you guys should have taken up smoking for a break” in an effort to crack a half-hearted joke.

Now we knew that the boss saw us go outside, but we had full intent on hanging out no more than 10 minutes. It’s just weird to have her come out specifically to get us back in. Like in High School when we didn’t quite cut class, we were just hanging back in the yard because the next period was lunch.

I dunno, not sure I left my more high-paying job to be in a high school situation…I have yet to be scolded (in an awkward way like this) for…just hanging out. It’s been less strict in the city because we’d always play within reasons, if you will.


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