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Movie Review: Hot Tub Time Machine

Look at the history of movies I have reviewed- why wouldn’t I want to see HTTM? It got the 80’s, cheesy lines, and John Cusak- I grew up with this stuff. There’s also a black guy- the dude from The Office Darryl. And unfortunately, he was the only funny thing about this movie.

There’s this guy, “Lou”, who was an obnoxious character who’s the loser of 3 friends that goes back in time to be even more obnoxious. It’s like Family Guy this season: fingering the annoying and raunchy button for the sake of fingering. And the jokes, not good. I love the soundtrack, and you’ll chuckle here and there.

But wait for the DVD. If you had to take a dump and deliver Poop Sticks to the 80’s, I’d crap out 2.4 Poop Sticks out of the steaming 5. The only reason I can take a dump after this movie is because I got 5 mini hot dogs AND nachos at the concession stand. Yea, it was that kinda movie where I give it more Poop Sticks than it deserves because I loved my snacks so much.


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