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Dress Code Blunder

At my new job, there is a strict dress code that specifically says “no jeans” in it. No big deal- I feel if that’s the code then so be it. Then we get this ridiculous e-mail relaxing the no-jeans rule on specific days during the warm weather months. It’s almost comical.

Rather than summer hours, they give us summer clothes. Though I think allowing flip flops over jeans would make more sense. It’s more work remembering these days than anything.

Check it out:

“I am pleased to announce that for the Spring and Summer months only, employees will be allowed to wear jeans on the last Friday of every month beginning March 26 through August 27. To be precise, the change to the normal dress code policy will be permissible on the following dates only:

March 26
April 30
May 28
June 25
July 30
August 27

***After August 27, the normal dress attire restrictions will resume.***”

Unless I really pay attention, I rarely notice when it’s the last Friday of a month. And if I forget one month, I’m assed out until the next month.


3 Responses

  1. Jeans are so much heavier than work pants. Why even bother?

  2. I want to know what they’ll do to the guy who accidentally wears jeans on September 24th.

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