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What Use Is This Bag Now?

I usually use my laptop bag to carry my laptop to-and-fro for work. Now looking at it, I probably won’t be getting a laptop nor any paper work worth lugging around. I’d also use the bag as a lunch bag – very convenient for New York City trains. No one can smell the leftover curry or whatever the devil it is I would bring to work.

I don’t need a lunch bag anymore- I can just bring in a plastic bag and call it a day. I do plan on getting a lunch box though. One to match my future kids. Until then, this bag is only carrying my headphones and dental paper work.


2 Responses

  1. I used to tease my friend because he called his lap-top bag a briefcase, and I was like… Dude, you don’t even have a lap-top and that’s what you’re carrying? But, like you he put his paperwork and lunch in there haha.

    • I found a new way to avoid the ridicule: gym bags! At the minimum I’ll keep a sweater in there to keep me warm in the cold summer (offices are FREEZING), and I can still drop in lunch and paperwork. Plus, I look like I care how many muscles my body can grow.

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