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First Day

With the excitement of a new job, planning and re-planning of outfits, and the deep concern on what to do for lunch, the first day of work is almost like the first day of school. All I need is Fifi (fiancée) to pack my Fraggle Rock lunch box and I’d be set.

I’m waiting in the car right now for 9AM- I got here about 30 minutes early just in case I hit traffic. It was such an eye opener to be able to drive in to work without having to take a train at all. I got to hear more of the Howard Stern Show than I normally would. I got to see sunshine. The most walking will be to the door from my car.

And no more clients. No more people bothering me with shit that don’t work. A now former client actually called my cell yesterday despite them knowing I don’t work at my old job anymore. I know exacty which client too. One that barely knew how to use our product- she had to be trained 3 times to date.

Okay, 10 minutes to go. I’m off. What will my new hours be? When will I have time to blog? Why did I drink so much coffee already? I gots to leak. I seriously considered pulling into someones back yard to pee on the way in. Oh well. Brb.


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