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Toilet Talk: Signs of Getting Old

As I sit atop my thinking tank, I can’t help but notice the obvious signs of getting old.

-My back is sore if not shot after each time I shovel snow. Even if I use the snow blower machine.

-My mother is 50 this year.

-I look forward to taking a dump for the alone time. I used hate it because it took away from doing other things like playing Nintendo.

-I no longer care for winter. I used to love the cold- hoodies and light jackets all the time for me. Now, I am cold almost all the time in winter.

-I no longer forgive and forget.

-I can’t stand Apple.

-I am set on the sports teams I like. Boo Red Sox. Go Yanks.

-I still can’t tolerate certain races. I have become my father.

-I am 8 years older than the Simpsons.


2 Responses

  1. Your mom’s only 50? Were you a prom baby?

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