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Toilet Talk: The Mad Dash

Now when I blog from the toilet I do my best to speak of what matters in life, and I try to keep the talks upscale. But today’s pressing topic was the hot dump I had to take this morning. It’s only 9:40 AM and I had to make a run for the toilet at work. This was a brew that was boiling for a while too- this morning on the walk to the train with Fifi (fiancée) she said “pew!” in reaction to a sudden smell. Simultaneously I had let out the last of maybe 6 successive silent gas bombs…I apologize to those that have fallen to these bombs.

Ever had to take such a monumental dump that you end up physically hurting yourself? I scratched my outer thighs trying to pull out my tucked in Africa tshirt Fifi’s grandmother gave me for Christmas. Sometimes I would have to hold in a crap standing by the toilet because it hurt too much to sit down right away. Such an adventure.


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