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Toilet Talk: Not An Easy Flush

I have decided to take my time and blog from the magic throne since I look to fully make use of this toilet debacle. As usual, I headed for the end stall against the wall to take my turdlings to school. And there it was- no toilet paper to gently covet my arse.

This left me with only one other choice-the crappy toilet, some pun intended. Sigh. So to courtesy flush, I have to get off the toilet because the flush button doesn’t work and it’s one of those sensor toilets. I got off the toilet when I was ready for my courtesy flush- and I end up in a push up stance leaning against the stall door before the toilet finally flushed. What the heck? This is a modern country- why do I have to practically hump a stall door to get a toilet to flush?


2 Responses

  1. Ugh I hate the self-flushing toilets. They either won’t wait for me to finish or flush before I can dump the lining in. Thanks for that one, technology.

  2. What a waste of money. Why not spend on research to have toilets sanitize themselves?

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