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I Must Meet You

I was in the restroom at work dropping off the morning’s breakfast when someone came in to brush his teeth. And vigorously I might add. Very. All while my bowels gave up fighting gravity.

After what seemed like a good 5 minutes I decided that I must emerge from the stalls. I must look this man over and confirm that it must be some white guy in a suit- they have no shame and break all unspoken bathroom laws. The law broken here was: if you hear me flush, finish up and go so that you don’t see my shameful face for stinking up the place.

I got out and it was a guy in a shirt and tie. White, of course. Still brushing his teeth. One must wonder- isn’t he inhaling all this with his mouth open?


One Response

  1. He has a thing for shit breath? Wants the fumes to soak right in there?

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