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Cablevision Vs. Anyone Else

What the hell is going on with Cablevision? Let’s recap:

-They raised our cable bill by $6 last billing cycle
-We overpay for only basic cable channels
-We only have 1 box: it costs more to hook up any other room with cable
-They dropped HGTV and Food Network

So I decided to call and threaten to leave last night. The wait time to cancel was quoted at 17 minutes, but we waited 52 minutes before I spoke with anyone. Some ghetto chic who couldn’t get our phone number correct- a
sign of things to come. I kept putting the chic on mute on and off as I told Fifi how pissed I am and dumb they are.

Then I threatened to go to Verizon FIOS. “Nuh uh, you do NOT want to do that. If you google Verizon, you’ll see that they are being sued by the entire state of New Jersey for false promises.”

I thought New Jersey wasn’t even a recognized state, so I said “That’s fine and dandy, but they offer more channels and boxes. Or, I can go to Direct TV since I had them before…”

“Nuh uh! We’re in winter- the worst time for satellite service and reception!”

“And yet…more channels. And my wife has lost HGTV and the Food Network: 2 channels she watches the most!”

After much back and forth, we eventually got our bill lowered. “Feel like my hero?” Fifi (fiancée) asked as she noticed me pacing back and forth after the phone call.

“Nuh uh, not like I’m the one who pays the cable bill, it’s your victory.”


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