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Warm Welcome

Fifi (fiancée) and I went to New Hampshire (just south of Narnia) and stayed at what should have been an upscale awesome hotel. Granted, the shower was one of those cool standing open showers with a stationary glass and tiled all over, with an open entrance at the end (giggle). But what makes this hotel less than a 5 star stay was the water pressure. I’m a guy that wants to feel like his dark skin is as clean as it can get, and blasting me with water really helps.

Fifi booked the room to come with a bottle of champagne and strawberries. When we got there the front desk swore we never requested this, and we didn’t get our luxury drink and fruit until the next day: they ignored the Privacy sign hanging on the door and dropped off the champagne which was the size of a Snapple and strawberries which were dipped in chocolate but out too long. Had we been told that we’d actually be getting these the next day we would have arranged to be at the hotel and prepared for sex afterwards.

We also wonder with this hotel- did they know I’m of brown man and Fifi of white woman? The hotel left holiday chocolates that suggest as much:


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  1. I’d prefer to have you as a guest writer on my blog. Expect you will not reject the proposal.

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