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The GrandMotherland

Fifi (fiancée) and I (Brown Man) visited her family for the Christmas weekend. At her parents’ house were the white ‘rents, white sis-in-law, and 2 white grandmother-in-laws. Both of whom I met before a few times. Again, I’m brown: very Indian-looking.

And for a gift, from Fifi’s maternal grandmother, I got a t-shirt. From the Gap.

With a picture of Africa on it.

I could not stop laughing. My first instinct was that this was a gag gift. Being the darkest person in quite a few of my social networks, I’ve been dubbed the “black guy”. So I thought gran-in-law was being revolutionary and accepting me with a gag gift.

But she then said “if you don’t think it will fit, I can return it.” I accepted her gift, said it’s nice, and wondered if she really thought I was from Africa…

Then sis-in-law (Mills) said she got the shirt from the Gap for her grandmother – and wondered if I really did like it. She did not realize that it was a picture of Africa- because there were actually a bunch of DJ components such as turntables and speakers that form the shape of Africa. Cool for sure, funnier if it were the grandmother picked it out….


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