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The Snow Trip

Where the fuck do I begin?

-We planned this past Saturday to visit my friend “Head” and his family for dinner. More importantly to retrieve my 3 borrowed DVDs: Step Brothers, Knocked Up, and Superbad.

-This past Saturday was the first snow storm for New York. I decided to lead my troop of sister and fiancée to Head’s house anyways. I was banking on New York’s alleged 1400 plows that were hyped to be ready for the storm…to well, be ready for the storm and keep them roads clean, shiiit (say last sentence in ghetto-speak to get full effect of my sentence).

-We left Head’s house at 10 PM to beat the heavier snow, which didn’t help because it was coming down hard. What was supposed to be a 30 minute trip home ended up being a 4 hour long mission.

-My car skidded every chance it got. On the major highways- some of the least plowed areas in New York City that night- we skidded at less than 15 mph. And where were the plows? All going in the opposite direction of us.

-I also needed gas. We could not get into any gas station because the car could not make it up the gas stations’ driveways due to all the snow and the little incline it takes to get up the driveway. I had to park outside a station, buy a 1 gallon gas container, and refill it twice so that we can get home.


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