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The Kids and Their Stereotypes

Our youth is a great way to gauge if they are striding to break stereotypes. I am watching PIX11 – a local New York channel that shows all the gayest shows in America – and their local news is polling the local high school teens. Our MTA public transportation has traditionally allowed public city kids to ride the trains and buses for free during the school season. But now the MTA will have to waive this free pass because for some reason they have no idea how to be profitable in a city that charges everyone else to ride the trains. At least millions to be made every year.

When the teenagers were asked how they felt about potentially having to pay for their rides going forward:

>One black kids says: we shouldn’t have to pay. I really need the Metro Card, so I don’t think I have to pay or anybody else.

Brown Man says: well thought out. Spoken like your mother, I bet.

>A second black kids says: we’re in a recession, it’s basically $4.50 everyday to travel.

Brown Man says: of course, you have the cost ready to discuss.

>A white kids finally says: it’s too much money for a kid, and we’re in high school.

Brown Man says: finally a little bit of logic.

>A Spanish kid says: Kids probably won’t come to school as much.

Brown Man says: well yea, you guys can’t because you’ll be daddys and mommys by high school.

>Another white kid says: People may just have to jump turnstyles.

Brown Man says: well you just listen to too much rap boy- go listen to your Metallica like normal whites.

Ah youths.


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