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Sore Mouth

Got the final 2 wisdom teeth pulled from my mouth on the other side of my mouth. Talk about a difference. The first time I got the 1st pair of wisdom teeth pulled at once, I was groggy, bleeding like crazy, and my mouth was the size of a 7th grade chic’s boobs that popped up over the summer. Surely this must matter: the first surgeon to work on my mouth was Indian and his office was in the mini-projects of Queens. This time around, I got an Asian dude in New York City who has some badass equipment and wood floors. Yea man, floors are important – any place like the Indian doc’s with linoleum floors just feels dirty and roach-ready.

Right now my mouth is just sore, and the blood is sort of minimal. I can function. Last time I was bed-ridden for the entire weekend. This time…well this time I’m gonna use the bed all right: to pound Fifi into dust with all the sex.


2 Responses

  1. Sweet! 🙂

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