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Movie Review: Defiance

After months of having our Netflix rental Defiance sitting there, I made Fifi and I watch the movie. This after Fifi made an arguement to bump our # of DVDs to 2 at a time because she felt we always had an episode of some series home and never a movie when these series get too mundane. When we finally got 2 DVDs at home we watched a total of 0 in 3-4 months.

So yea, onto the Jew-saving movie. The movie had me questionning what really did happen- some events were hard to believe though it was based on a true movie. Based on a small Jew family of 4 men, they began their own town out in the woods to hide from the Germans during the Holocaust.

There were just too many questions from me by the end of the movie. Where’d they get all these tools and utensils from out of nowhere? How the heck did one brother save the other in the nick of time from certain death? Spoil movies much, Brown Man?

We watched this movie in awe- you can’t help but root for the Jew. I look at all the Poop Sticks in the bag, and offer 3.98 to Defiance. It was a good movie- but at points you wanted to just smack some of these Jews.


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