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No Pics Please

Fifi and I were talking about kids these days, like aging people do. One can’t help but shake their head at all the news stories about kids using their phones and cameras to essentially make kiddie porn. I told Fifi I’d just be disappointed if I ever found out about our daughter making such videos – and I fully expect some to exist of our teenage sisters.

“They aren’t that dumb,” Fifi defended.

“Are you sure? Do they not believe the bullshit guys in the past have fed them?What’s to stop them from simply believing ‘it’s fun’ or ‘you don’t love me if you don’t get filmed’?”

Later on we were watching MTV and a commercial came on telling young girls to not take pics because it will end up on the Internet. Now if MTV needs to make a public announcement statement about this topic- you know it’s a problem with these kids. Our poor sisters.


5 Responses

  1. this is bullshit. why must every blog posting involving me be bad?? why cant you just say “this just in:my sis is smart after all with her 3.4 GPA”?? huh? and i have no porn videos in my stash.

  2. nor so i have any nudey pics. yes i said it nudey pics.

  3. *do

  4. I agree with sister. I have no films or “nudey” pics either. See?? We’re not that dumb!…at least in that aspect i’m not.

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