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Movie Review: The Wrestler and Bee Movie

Yup, gonna review two older movies at once. The Wrestler, with Mickey Rourke, boasts Oscar praise and high reviews. Fifi (fiancée) and I saw it at a hotel in The Shire whilst visiting in-laws, with them at our hotel watching along with us. Granted, nothing makes me more happy than to share a doggystyle scene and various views of Rourke’s ass with my in-laws. But even that wasn’t enough to convince me that the movie was as awesome as the hype.

I feel like this movie just mimics various documentaries and stories out there about the underground and professional wrestling world. And then you gotta suffer watching Mikey. Cruel.

But we also saw Bee Movie with Jerry Seinfeld as an animated bee. This movie was cute. And far better than The Wrestler. Funny lines to keep an adult engaged, and more of a plot.

Together, the movies get a 3.7 rating on the Poop Stick meter. Who gets more? Does Bee Movie get a 3, and Wrestler 0.7? Vice versa? Well, like the lame ass ending to The Wrestler, I’ll let you guess.


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