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This Week In Subway Review

-A high school chic (calm down, Head) got onto the train at 8:30 AM and began blasting her iPod. I mean- top of the highest volume setting. Listening to Chris Brown’s latest song. Who can tolerate such loud music- she might as well have brought her boombox. Moments later she put the same song to replay. Clearly amused by simpler things in life.

-Had to walk to work from a few stops before my own due to a sick passenger. You never know how long it takes to remove a person from a train that’s already parked at a station. Surely it takes more than 5 minutes to physically remove a person from a train whose doors are already opened. And if they’re unconcious, well, more than 7 minute to roll them off the train? Surely.

-I am forced to take the bus to the train today as I must go into work while Fifi gets to stay in. I usually take the car but today Fifi will need it. And on black Friday, New York is a ghost town. Except at your local Best Buy in a ghetto area- good luck to those workers handling the ghetto rush.

I hate taking the bus when the roads are this clear. The bus tends to drive fast and hit every bump- even ones while parked. Thank goodness I opted to not bring my morning coffee with me.


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