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Move N!

We have a local Wal-mart by us which is unfortunately located in black-peopleville…and the only reason I call race here is because Fifi (fiancée) and I easily notice that since these are the only folk that go to this Wal-mart, we notice how ghetto and penny pinching they are in lines. And loud.

Fifi and I braved a trip to the Wal-mart days before Thankgiving fully expecting a crowd of dollar savers, but I guess with Black Friday (some pun intended) days away they were looking to stampede the doors to save a few dollars. When we left the store in record time, I kept bumping into Fifi’s shopping bags and she got frustrated.

“Move n—”


She looked around in shock. When the coast was clear, Fifi whispered “Oh my gosh! I almost said ‘movenigga’ to you! I’m so used to saying it to you- it’s one long word altogether.”

Fifi was beyond lucky that the blacks weren’t in abundance to get heat for being white and calling a darker guy the ‘n’ word.


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