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Movie Review: Paranormal Review

We finally saw this movie on somewhat-questionably-obtained DVD. Good enough quality to pass judgement on. And we get to rate the hype.

Boy was there a lot of hype for Paranormal Activities. And I can see why: a more stable camera used than in Blairwitch and better acting too. The couple in this movie (as I found out real-life couple at the time) did a great job with effects and making you feel the paranormal events were actually happening.

But then they did some typical horror movie stuff that made helped remind you that it’s just another horror flick (specifically the Internet research scene).

So I’m left with my Poop Sticks when it’s all said and done. Does a horror film – notorious for sucking and spewing less than 3 out of 5 possible Poop Sticks – get a lotta Sticks? Eh it gets a lot credit for being a bit more original than recent crappy (in the bad way) horror flicks. But in the end: 3.5 Poop Sticks. I didn’t feel satisfied after watching this movie as I would post-God Father: the same satisfaction you get after a steamy hearty poop.


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  1. Im with you on this one!!!

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