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Drunk At The Party

I went to a house warming party for a friend of Fifi (fiancée) where I knew a lot of the people there except for a few stray wives. And count on me to be left alone in the corner with one of these drunk wives. Fifi went over to say hi to one of her better friends of the bunch and it was one of those “am I following you?” moments or “will I stay here and make it look like I can mingle with the locals?” moments.

I knew maybe 2 out of the 5 surrounding people so I decided to make it look like I wasn’t dependent of Fifi and yes, I CAN socialize. So with Fifi proceeding to her friend I stayed back and moments later this chic turns to me and asks who I was there with.

And I didn’t have an audience to watch as I struggled to understand an Asian chic go on about her not understanding English and being drunk. They were busy discussing the various joke for a rum at the party called “Mount Gay Rum”. I learned a lot about this incoherent chic who repeated the same rehearsed script to Fifi when she came to bail me out. I tried telling Fifi the stories incoherent Asian chic told me, but Fifi was told the same exact stuff within minutes!


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