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To Nut

Fifi is forever calling me names because she feels I deserve them. Sometimes she calls me names one after another that I end up playing a word association game with her.

Fifi: Ugh. Ass.

Brown Man: Hole



“Ugh! Dick!”



“-me off.”

“I need something you can’t come back with,” pondered the pondering fiancée. “Fuck nut!”

“Well that’s fine…I fuck till I ‘nut’.”

“Eww what? No you’re just making that up.”

“Whuuut? Ask you’re male coworkers! They know what it means to ‘nut’!”

“You’re making that up. I never heard of ‘nut’. Maybe ‘bust a nut.”

I was confused. How could a white person not know what it means to nut? “Sure, you would ‘bust a nut’ in the 90’s. Now you just ‘nut’. Must be ghetto I guess.”

And so on. It’s a fun game until the debates begin.


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