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Preparation for Perv

This past weekend we went to a sweet 16 party. It was a party for my cousin’s cousin, which meant a lot of people I knew would be there since we’re all pretty close and social. Which brought up a good question only days after our Halloween party: will Pervert be there?

Now Pervert, if you read previous blogs, is the trouble maker who felt up at least 5 girls at our party who wasn’t his wife. We share the same cousin as relatives which makes it hard not to avoid him at future events. Like this past Saturday’s party.

“So if he does apologize for acting up and starting a fight at our party- we can’t just say ‘oh it’s okay’ like you do by instinct when people apologize,” I told Fifi (fiancée).

“Exactly. Because it isn’t ‘okay’ that he envoked a fight.”

“What if he doesn’t apologize, but there’s that awkward stare? Is that certified beef? Like- is it ‘on’?”

“No, we can’t start trouble.”

“Right. Reminds me of the classic verse from Negrodamus 1:13-14. ‘…and then he declared if thoust don’t start no shit, there won’t be no shit.’ Word.”

But Perv and his wife totally showed up, and totally apologized. We did good as a tag team not saying “it’s okay”.


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