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You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Party

Fight to party, not AT a party. Especially mine. Boils my water when minorities act…like minorities. It’s a fact that drinks get a minority man to revert back to his to his barbaric roots. I have cousins that are working through hot tempers when they drink thanks to level-headed girlfriends.

Unfortunately at my Halloween party this past weekend Mr. Pervert didn’t have the level-headed wife he needed to keep him from grinding up on every non-family member there. I kid you not-he even felt up on my sis-in-law who is just way too young for this guy.

Fifi began to explain how inappropriate this dude was acting and disrespecting the wives/girls of everyone there when he began getting into a shouting match with another minority there. Apparently this Pervert grabbed the hair of Fifi’s friend “D” when D’s husband went to confront “Pervert”.

D’s husband had a Corona bottle ready for bashing when I grabbed Pervert to stop him from digging a deeper hole. Pervert is my cousin’s cousin and I have known Pervert my entire life- the dude now has kids and his wife was at the party claiming to see any inappropriate behavior all night. He has never acted like this since I’ve known him.

I found out the next day from various sources that 5 females were bothered by Pervert and because of him a few people won’t be showing up to my wedding for fear of either him being there or my family being just as grabby. Unfortunately I can’t say who will behave or not, so including Pervert we are 6 less for the wedding.

The next day Pervert’s brother called me to apologize. 3 days later and I have yet to hear from Perv man himself for ruining the party. Luckily no punches were thrown nor bottles broken.

Well 1 bottle was broken earlier- but that’s because a guy dressed as the devil wore devil gloves and tried to pick up a bottle cap with them on. Needless to say with beer in hand, no one helped but rather watched the hilarious outcome. Fifi didn’t accept his apology for the broken bottle- fumbling with a devil outfit on was worth the spilt beer.


One Response

  1. I’d have to say that perv killed it for many people. As for not showing up to the wedding, for fear of more perv’s, i think that is a premature and immature course of action. Everyone knows that a party can sometimes get out of hand, and well it happens. I personally did not see what happened, I just feel that the people who don’t want to go, just found their get out of jail free card, by citing that excuse. this is my opinion. all in all an awesome party. DJ Dirty “D” i’d have to say was playing to much hip-hop, I am not a fan. Loved the jello shots FIFI. NICEEEEEE. Brown man, loved the old school reggae,made me feel 16 again.

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